How Do I Play?

This game is played while engaged in a discussion with a Wehraboo, usually on the Internet.

  1. Save the Wehrabingo board to your computer and open it in a graphics editor.
  2. Mark off the boxes when they are mentioned. The center box is free.
  3. When you have a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line, write "Wehrabingo" and leave the discussion

If you want a new board, simply refresh the page and a new will be generated.

What is This About?

Within the field of military history, there are those who believe that everything done by the German military during the Second World War was inherently superior to everything done by the Allies. These people are derogatively known as Wehraboos, a portmanteau of Wehrmacht (the German military during the Second World War) and Weeaboo (someone obsessed with Japanese culture).

While some Wehraboos are neo-nazis, this is usually not the case. Wehraboos are better compared to fanboys, who have been influenced by computer games, comic books, television documentaries, and low-quality history websites and books. Sources that conflict with their view will be dismissed as Allied propaganda or countered with more sources of poor quality. They are frequently found on Internet forums, particularly those dedicated to action-based computer games.

Because their view on the German military during the Second World War is often a key part of their interest in military history, Wehraboos will rarely acknowledge when they are wrong, even when it is clear to everyone else. This can make discussions excruciating for those who are interested in a balanced and objective view rather than confirmation bias.

Who Made This?

Wehrabingo was originally created by Archive Awareness, a website providing archival information about armored vehicles during the Second World War. This website was created with permission from Archive Awareness by Christian Ankerstjerne, owner of Panzerworld, a website about the German armored forces during the Second World War.

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